Preparing bilingual, biliterate and culturally competent college and career ready students

We will only have Preschool to First Grade DLI classes available at Herrera Elementary School during the 2023-2024 school year.

What is a Dual Immersion Program?

In Fresno Unified School District, the Dual Language Immersion Program integrates English proficient and English learner students for the purpose of developing bilingualism, biliteracy and cultural competence. Instruction is delivered in Pre-K through First Grade in Spanish 90% of the day and in English 10% of the day. There is a gradual decrease of specifically designed Spanish instruction until 4th grade when 50% of the day is spent in each language. At the Secondary level, students matriculate in Spanish Language Arts in grades 7th & 8th with a content area also in Spanish. In high school, students participate in AP Spanish Language and Literature with the end goal of students graduating fully biliterate and receiving the Seal of Biliteracy.

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Dual Language Immersion Philosophy

· Language learning is natural for children

· Language learning enhances mental and intellectual development

· Language learning develops a broader view of diversity

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Dual Language Immersion Program Goals

· Proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening in Spanish and English

· High academic achievement in Spanish and English

· Higher levels of divergent thinking, pattern recognition, and problem solving

· Positive self-esteem, cultural awareness and sensitivity

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How does the Dual Language Immersion Program develop bilingual, culturally competent students?

The Dual Language Immersion Program combines students from two language groups and teaches them in both languages. The program includes a balanced number of English, Spanish and bilingual students. Initially, students are taught the majority of the day in Spanish to ensure Spanish literacy by the end of 2nd grade. Students are also taught in English during their Academic English Language Development instructional block. Gradually, the language of instruction shifts from 90% in Spanish and 10% in English to a 50%-50% model in both target languages.

Program Model “90/10”

Who can participate in the Dual Language Immersion Program?

Pre-K, Transitional Kinder and Kindergarten students who speak either Spanish, English or both can participate. Every attempt is made to balance classroom enrollment among the language groups. Parents/Guardians who choose to enroll their child in a Dual Language Immersion Program, make a long-term commitment to keep their student in the program from Pre-K through grade 6. Students wishing to pursue the Dual Language Immersion Pathway may continue at Yosemite Middle School and McLane High School Dual Language Immersion Programs.

A Pathway to the Prestigious “Seal of Biliteracy”

This program recognizes high school graduates who have attained a high level of proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing in one or more languages in addition to English. The expectation is that students in Dual Immersion Programs are prepared to meet the criteria to earn the prestigious Seal of Biliteracy upon graduation from high school.

Dual Language Immersion Program Enrollment

=> Enrollment for all students must be completed at the school office.

=> Every attempt is made to balance classroom enrollment by child’s home language.

For additional program questions, please contact:

English Learner Services at

(559) 457-3916

English Learner Services Website

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